About CARE™

The CARE™ (Community. Academic. Research. Education.) Faculty is a group of leading medical specialists and allied healthcare providers from across Canada.

CARE™ has rapidly adapted to virtual programming over the past year, generating greater value and participation rates in the new digital landscape. This period has reinforced the need to stay true to CARE™ roots – delivering relevant education framed from a Canadian perspective.

We develop education initiatives directed at our peers, nurses, pharmacists, patients, government and private payers.


Recent Publications

Les présentateurs chevronnés provenaient de plusieurs institutions d’enseignement et de recherches du Québec. Des sujets à la fine pointe de l’actualité, relatifs au domaine de l’hématologie, dont des lymphomes, a leucémie lymphatique chronique, le myélome multiple, la leucémie aiguë myéloïde, et la thérapie CAR T-cell.

Présentations à la demande

WHU presentations and panels discuss/address relevant issues and innovations in hematological disease, presented by leading clinical experts and framed from a Canadian perspective.


Access: leading international presentations, clinical slide decks, Canadian panel discussions


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WHU 2021 : Videos On-Demand

The COVID-19 pandemic has produced high mortality rates in patients with hematological malignancy, lung, cancer, and those individuals older than 60 years of age with cancer. Various vaccines offer protection against this infection. Various vaccine platforms have been developed including: mRNA, recombinant protein, virus-like particles, adenovirus vector-based and inactivated virus vaccines…

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This is the 1st iteration (V.1) of the CARE™ MM Treatment Guidance. It aims to provide further context and guidance specifically on management of MM as clinicians navigate the new normal in 2021.


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CARE™ MM Guidance 2021