ASH 2016

News in Hematology: Relapsed & Refractory

ASH 2016 News in Hematology: Relapsed & Refractory CLL

By January 10, 2017 September 24th, 2019 Hematology, News

ASH 2016 Abstract 637. Venetoclax (VEN) Monotherapy for Patients with Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (CLL) Who Relapsed after or Were Refractory to
Ibrutinib or Idelalisib

Jeffrey Jones et al.


Conclusions: Venetoclax is the first agent to demonstrate robust activity, with good tolerability in pts with CLL progressing during or after treatment with ibrutinib or idelalisib, including a subset who were refractory to these therapies. Low rates of complete response have been thus far observed at an early time point; however, pts will be monitored to determine whether deeper responses are seen, as has been reported in prior VEN trials in CLL. Extended follow up will also be required to assess the durability of responses with venetoclax in this population.

CARE™ Faculty Perspective: This abstract provides longer follow-up data for a trial previously presented- in this case during the EHA Congress (June 2016).

Many CLL patients in Canada are now receiving newer TKIs (i.e. ibrutinib and/or idelalisib) as part of standard treatment. Managing these patients after TKI discontinuation has since become a new area of unmet need and is associated with poor outcomes. The positive results from this and other studies investigating the oral, small molecule BCL2 inhibitor venetoclax in this setting have positioned it as the preferred  option for these difficult-to-treat patients. More data to confirm activity and to establish durability of response are highly anticipated.