About CARE™

CARE™ Faculty

The CARE™ Faculty is a national group of leading specialists from across Canada representing a number of therapeutic areas.

Steering faculty from each specialty meet throughout the year to discuss developments, news and the state of care in in their area of expertise. The CARE™ Faculty examines this data on the care and treatment, with the aim of achieving optimal results for patients. While the various CARE™ faculties can have different priorities, they are united in approach with a bias towards action. The focus is on addressing education gaps and providing direction/solutions for their peer group.

CARE™ Programs and Education

In any given year 150 specialists are involved in creating CARE™ education outputs and programs..

The CARE™ education outputs (both physical and digital) aim to keep Canadian Specialists aware of local and global news framed from a Canadian perspective. The CARE™ programs provide Canadian specialist opportunities to meet , discuss and address gaps in knowledge. Peers will hear from the CARE™ faculty on the latest news, issues and treatment options in the field, and will consider their impact within the context of Canadian healthcare. In addition to the peer to peer education, CARE™ education is also shared with nurses, pharmacists, patients, payers and government.

CARE™ Programs and Education

Education efforts of the CARE™ faculty include: Conference Reporting, Accredited Programs, Clinical Papers, Guidance/Algorithms, Needs Assessment Programs, Specialist Meetings

Our Vision

The vision of the CARE™ Faculty is to share opinions and update Canadian specialists with news and developments from key conferences, framed with a Canadian perspective.

Our Mission

The mission of the CARE™ Faculty is to enhance medical education, with the explicit goal of improving patient outcomes.

Faculty Committees

Breast Cancer
Supportive Care
Lung Cancer
Infectious Diseases
Liver Disease
Genitourinary Cancer
Community CARE™
Women’s Cancer
Head and Neck