About CARE™

The CARE™ Faculty is a national group of leading specialists from across Canada representing a number of therapeutic areas.

Steering faculty from each specialty meet throughout the year to discuss developments, news, and the state of care in their area of expertise. CARE™ Faculty examines data and treatments with the goal of achieving optimal patient results. CARE™ Faculty focuses on addressing education gaps and providing direction and solutions. Faculty from all therapeutic areas are united in their approach, with a bias towards action.

In any given year 150 specialists and health care professionals are involved in creating CARE™ education outputs and programs.   

CARE™ education outputs aim to keep both Canadian specialists and allied healthcare professionals aware of local, global news and information framed from a Canadian perspective. CARE™ programs provide Canadian specialists opportunities to meet, discuss and address gaps of knowledge. As well as peer-to-peer education, CARE™ specialists and allied healthcare providers have additional meeting engagements with government, public/private payers and patient groups.

Education efforts of the CARE™ Faculty include: Conference Reporting, Accredited Programs, Clinical Papers, Guidance/Algorithms, Needs Assessment Programs, Specialist Meetings.

Our Vision

The vision of the CARE™ Faculty is to share opinions and update Canadian specialists and allied healthcare providers with news and developments, framed from a Canadian perspective.

Our Mission

The mission of the CARE™ Faculty is to enhance medical education, with the explicit goal of improving patient outcomes.

CARE™ Faculties