Recognizing both the potential impact on the Canadian healthcare system and the importance of involving stakeholders, CARE™ is inviting the following groups to participate: Canadian researchers, clinicians, Health Canada, public and private funding agencies, health economists, hospital pharmacists, nurses, advocacy groups, ethicists and legal experts to share their perspectives, concerns, wants and needs. 

The aim of these meetings are to provide a platform for representatives involved in Canadian healthcare to interactively share, discuss, and debate their perspectives on biosimilar concepts.

There will be time allocated for interactive discussion. Information gathered will be used to inform future educational initiatives developed by the CARE™ Faculty.

Biosimilars are a relevant topic to the Canadian landscape, given the recent introduction of several biosimilars to market as well as others in development soon to be available to the Canadian consumer.  The CARE™ Faculty has been looking at the impact of biosimilars since 2015, and its significance across both chronic & acute diseases. The CARE™ faculty is interested in better understanding the impact of biosimilars and sharing this understanding with contemporaries. 

CARE™ (Community, Academic, Research, Education) believes in: optimization of current therapy, innovative treatments, and competition to help deliver savings and accessibility, considered in ways that deliver better healthcare solutions to Canadians.