Presentation Points 

Post-vaccination antibody study 

  • 23% (516/2211) of patients fail to serocovert 
  • B-cell diseases and therapies associated with low seroconversion rates  

Antibody response to booster (B) vaccination 

  • 55% of blood cancer patients who fail to respond to initial vaccination seroconvert after booster vaccination 
  • Inability to respond to vaccines is associated with disease types as well as anti-CD20 Ab and BTKi therapy 
  • Further understanding of immune response to vaccination needed 
  • Breakthrough infections & poor outcomes possible, particularly in patients that do not respond to a booster vaccination 
  • Estimated US impact: 100,000 patients  
  • Suggestion that ALL blood cancer patients: “GET VACCINATED, ACT UNVACCINATED” 

Limitations of current research 

  • Patient numbers are small; we will have hundreds of additional patients data now that 3rd dose is approved in the U.S. for immunocompromised patients. 
  • Patient Reported Outcomes; EHRs will provide confirmation of disease and treatments 
  • It is still not known what level of anti-spike antibody provides protection from severe infection (especially for the at-risk immunocompromised) 
  • T-cells have not yet been studied  
  • Moving target: evolutionary changes in COVID-19 variants