Presentation Points 


  • Encapsulates ideas evolving historically within Black, Latina, feminist, queer, postcolonial, and indigenous activism and scholarly work that articulates the complex factors and processes that shape human lives  

Intersectionality in Health 

  • A framework that focuses on the ways multiple axes of inequality intersect and compound at macro and micro levels to produce a broad range of unequal health outcomes  
  • These interactions occur within a context of connected systems and structures of power (e.g., law, politics, government, media) that implicitly or explicitly promote interdependent forms of privilege and oppression 

Addressing Intersectionality in Health 

  • Considering Gender Issues 
  • Blanket exclusions in trials 
  • Thinking Critically About the Data 
  • Inclusive and High-Quality care for everyone! 

The Future: Aspire to be able to 

  • Acknowledge to patients the limitations in current evidence and work toward closing these gaps in our knowledge 
  • Openly acknowledge and empathize with patients’ gender and/or racial trauma and appropriately manage this 
  • Establish diverse health care teams and systems that can combat gender and racial trauma  
  • Foster a positive working environment, where diverse individuals can thrive 
  • Assemble research teams that are diverse and include intersectionality expertise to deliver high-quality research that serves individuals, communities, and populations