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CHC 2017 Presentations for Download



Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (CLL)
Chair – Dr. Graeme Fraser

Update on Standard Therapy of CLL  – Dr. Graeme Fraser
Management of Ibrutinib Failure – Dr. Carolyn Owen

Hodgkin’s Lymphoma
Chair – Dr. Michael Crump

Current Management of Localized HL – Dr. Michael Crump
Risk Adapted Therapy in Advanced HL: Current Approaches – Dr. Jonathan Friedberg

Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma
Chair: Dr. Laurie Sehn

Evolving Standards in Follicular Lymphoma – Dr. Laurie Sehn
Novel Therapy in Follicular Lymphoma – Dr. Nathan Fowler
The Genomics of Follicular Lymphoma – Dr. Robert Kridel


Leukemia/Myelodysplastic Syndrome (MDS)
Chair: Dr. Rena Buckstein

Treatment in 2017 – “Nuts and Bolts” of AML Therapy – Dr. Andre Schuh
The Impact of Somatic Mutations for Patients with MDS – Dr. Michael Rauh
Managing Patients with Azacitidine Failure in MDS – Dr. Mikkael Sekeres

Benign Hematology I
Chair: Dr. Denis Soulieres

Catheter Related Thrombosis – Dr. William Geerts
Current Management of Clinical Hemoglobinopathy – Dr. Denis Soulieres


Chair: Dr. Peter Anglin

The Future of Immunotherapy in Lymphoma: Dr. Stephen Ansell



Benign Hematology II
Chair: Dr. Martina Trinkaus

Off Label Evidence for DOACs in Cancer and DOAC Reversal – Dr. Mark Crowther
Review of Erythropoiesis-Stimulating Agents in 2017 – Dr. Martina Trinkaus
The Refractory AIHA Patient – Dr. Claire Dearden

Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma II
Chair: Dr. Douglas Stewart

PET in Lymphoma: How to Use New Staging & Response Criteria – Dr. George Mikaeel
Management of Double Hit and Dual Protein Expressing Lymphomas – Dr. Nathalie Johnson
ASCT in Primary and Secondary CNS Lymphoma – Dr. Douglas Stewart

Chair: Dr. Kevin Song

Monoclonal Gammopathies of Renal Significance – Dr. Vincent Rajkumar
Relapsed/Refractory Disease – Dr. Kevin Song

Translational I
Dr. Rob Laister

The Development of CRISPR Based Medicines for the Treatment of Hematological Diseases – Dr. Grant Welstead
Anti-Tumour Immunity: Beyond T-Cells and Checkpoint Blockades – Dr. Connie Krawczyk
Emerging Concepts in Cell Therapy and The Microenvironment – Dr. Rob Laister

Translational II
Chair: Dr. John Kuruvilla

The Tumour Microenvironment of B-Cell Lymphomas – Dr. Christian Steidl
Cellular Therapy and the Future of Allogeneic Steam Cell Transplantation – Dr. John Barrett

Myeloproliferative Neoplasms (MPN)
Chair: Dr. Lynda Foltz

Update on JAK Inhibitors in 2016-2017 – Dr. Ayalew Tefferi
Case Studies in MPN – Dr. Lynda Foltz


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