The 17th Annual

CARE™ at ASH 2022

17ᵗʰ Annual

CARE™ at ASH 2022

In-Person Meeting & On-Demand Presentations

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About the Meeting

The 17th annual CARE™ at ASH will be held in-person on December 9ᵗʰ 2022 in New Orleans, Louisiana. CARE™ at ASH is a sanctioned ASH ancillary meeting.

  • Registration and light food at 1:00pm [CDT]
  • Meeting at 1:30pm-6:30pm [CDT], Break also with light food and beverage
  • Reception follows at approximately 6:30pm [CDT]
  • The event has Canadian hematologists contextualize key news and data from the ASH 2022 meeting.
  • Each session will feature speaker presentations followed by Q&A. See agenda below.

Click Register to attend the in-person meeting, or on demand viewing of this year’s CARE™ at ASH video presentations, clinical slide decks, and ASH 2022 Navigation Guide.

This event is open to Canadian clinicians, allied healthcare provides, government, and public & private payers. If you are a non-sponsored industry representative you are not eligible to register for this event online. Please contact us at about sponsorship opportunities and event registration.

Meeting Chairs

Dr. Diego Villa — BC Cancer

Diego Villa is a Clinical Associate Professor at the University of British Columbia and a medical oncologist at the BC Cancer – Vancouver Cancer Center.  He is involved in the care of patients with lymphoid malignancies and breast cancer.  His research interests include the management of transformed indolent lymphomas, management of mantle cell lymphoma, primary and secondary CNS lymphomas, and the role of PET/CT in diffuse large B-cell lymphoma.  Dr. Villa has ongoing research collaborations with Canadian, American, Danish, and Australian lymphoma groups.  He is also the local principal investigator for various international lymphoma and breast cancer clinical trials open in Vancouver.  He actively participates in the teaching of medical students, residents, and fellows at BCCA and VGH, and is the faculty coordinator for the medical oncology rotation at BCCA for the UBC Internal Medicine Residency Program. Dr. Villa is a member of the UBC Medical Oncology Residency Training Program committee and its Competence by Design subcommittee.

Dr. Martina Trinkaus — University of Toronto

Dr. Trinkaus is an assistant professor and staff hematologist at St. Michael’s Hospital with the University of Toronto. She completed her undergraduate training in Life Sciences and Physical Health and Education at Queen’s University and completed both her medical school and residency training at the University of Toronto. Since graduating from the Haematology training program in Toronto in 2009, she has remained at St. Michael’s Hospital practicing malignant hematology and serving on much education based committees. She currently is the program director for the Adult Hematology Training Program and also coordinates the hematology curriculum at St. Michael’s. Her medical interests include medical education with research focused on mentorship and e-based learning.

Session Topics

On-Demand Will Feature The Same Content as Below

Live Meeting [1:30 – 6:30PM CDT] Followed by Reception

Opening Remarks
Dr. Martina Trinkaus, University of Toronto
Dr. Diego Villa, BC Cancer

Plasma Cell Dyscrasias [+ Q&A]
Dr. Hira Mian, McMaster University

Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia [+ Q&A]
Dr. Carolyn Owen, University of Calgary

Lymphoma: Non CAR T [+ Q&A]
Dr. John Kuruvilla, Princess Margaret Cancer Centre

Lymphoma: CAR T [+ Q&A]
Dr. Michael Jain, Moffitt Cancer Center

Acute Myeloid Leukemia
Dr. Kareem Jamani, Uof Calgary, Tom Baker Cancer Centre

Benign/VTE/Hemostasis 1 [+ Q&A]
Dr. Wendy Lim, McMaster University

Benign/VTE/Hemostasis 2 [+ Q&A]
Dr. Michelle Sholzberg, St. Michael’s Hospital

What I Wish I Knew [+ Panel Discussion]
Dr. Michael Jain, Moffitt Cancer Center
Others panelists

Dr. Martina Trinkaus, University of Toronto
Dr. Diego Villa, BC Cancer

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