Thank you for attending the 3rd annual

CARE™ WHU 2020

Winter Hematology Update

This content-rich meeting provided a forum for Ontario clinicians, trainees, and allied health care professionals to share the latest hematology news with an emphasis on ASH 2019. It discussed and addressed relevant issues and innovations in hematology, presented by leading Canadian experts and framed from an Ontario perspective. Special thanks to International Speaker, Dr. Matthew Davids (Dana-Farber Cancer Institute) for presenting on CLL.

A CARE™ Nurse Lunch was also held by Adrianna DeCastro (Stronach Regional Cancer Centre), and provided a platform for nurses to meet and discuss topics relevant to supportive care in the current CLL landscape in Canada. This lunch discussed the Monitoring and Management of Tumour Lysis Syndrome (TLS).

Event Chairs

John Kuruvilla, MD
Princess Margaret Cancer Centre

Peter Anglin, MD
Stronach Regional Cancer Centre


Friday, February 7th 2020


Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (CLL) | Matthew Davids, MD (Dana-Farber Cancer Institute) & Graeme Fraser, MD (Juravinski Cancer Centre)

Multiple Myeloma | Christine Chen, MD (Princess Margaret Cancer Centre)

Cell Therapy | Ronan Foley, MD (Juravinski Cancer Centre)

Nurse Lunch on Monitoring and Management of Tumour Lysis Syndrome | Adrianna DeCastro BScN, RN (Stronach Regional Cancer Centre)

Lymphoma I | John Kuruvilla, MD (Princess Margaret Cancer Centre)

Lymphoma II | Anca Prica, MD (Princess Margaret Cancer Centre)

Thrombosis | Wendy Lim, MD (McMaster University)

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