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Open Needs Assessments

CARE™ hosts needs assessments with the aim of gathering feedback on current knowledge and management of various diseases in Canada. The results are shared with CARE™ commentary in follow-up publications. Our active Needs Assessments can be found below.


CARE™ Needs Assessment: Prostate Cancer

This CARE™ Needs Assessment on prostate cancer (PC) focuses on PC staging, referral, and education in Canada.


Évaluation des besoins de CARE™: le cancer de la prostate

Cette évaluation des besoins de CARE™ sur le cancer de la prostate (CP) porte sur la stadification du cancer de la prostate, l’orientation vers un spécialiste et l’éducation au Canada.


CARE™ Needs Assessment: Managing Patients with Inflammatory Bowel Diseases

This CARE™ Needs Assessment focuses on therapeutic drug monitoring (TDM), management strategies, and education opportunities in patients with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD).


Évaluation des besoins de CARE™ – Prise en charge des patients atteints d’une maladie inflammatoire de l’intestin

Ce d’évaluation des besoins de CARE™ porte principalement sur la pharmacovigilance thérapeutique, les stratégies de prise en charge et les occasions de formation offertes aux patients atteints d’une maladie inflammatoire de l’intestin (MII).


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