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GASTRO-TIMES: Subsequent Entry Biologics Needs Assessment Results

Biologics have revolutionized the treatment of chronic inflammatory conditions, with significant improvements in efficacy and a manageable safety profile. In the last few years, subsequent entry biologics (SEBs) have been developed. SEBs are monoclonal antibodies that are similar but not identical to the reference biologic drug. There is no SEB approved in the gastroenterology space yet in Canada, however they are expected to enter the market in the near future. In order to understand both current perception and knowledge of SEBs with gastroenterologists, a needs assessment was conducted by the CARE™ Gastroenterology Faculty in the fall of 2015. The needs assessment was distributed by mail and electronically to 400 Canadian gastroenterologists working in teaching centres (49%) and/or community practices (51%). Response rate to this questionnaire was 20% (n=80). We are gratified by the high rate of participation and intent to continue this process of surveys and sharing the feedback results. Responding physicians are from the desired audience, as they all use biologics in their practice.

The current steering chair of the CARE™ Gastroenterology Faculty, Dr. John Marshall (McMaster University) presented the findings from this analysis at the annual CDDW 2016 meeting. What follows is an overview of results.