Version 1  –  November, 2017  –  Suggested Resource

The primer offers information on biologics and biosimilars, with a focus on the basic science, regulatory pathways, clinical data and implications, as well as legal perspectives. This Biosimilars Primer has been created with the involvement of various CARE Faculties and reflects biosimilar news and data, as well as the evolving views/understanding of CARE key opinion leaders.  This Biosimilars Primer is written as of November 2017 and is subject to update and refinement based on data and the evolving perspectives of faculty.

Why is this Primer important? Since many routinely used biologics are now, or are soon going off-patent there are many biosimilars already being developed for these older biologics. Biosimilars are relatively new to the Canadian landscape and there is value in understanding what they are and considering the impact they will have both clinically and systemically.

This is a first iteration – The Primer is evolving to reflect news and understanding.

Contributing Authors:

Scott Edwards, B.Sc., Pharm – Dr. H. Bliss Murphy Cancer Centre

Rob Laister, PhD – Princess Margaret Cancer Centre

Jason Thomas, RPh, B.Sc., Pharm – Juravinski Cancer Centre

Review and Endorsement by: 

CARE Faculty representing: Gastroenterology, Hematology, Hospital Pharmacy, Oncology, Respiratory Medicine & Rheumatology
– November 9th 2017

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