A Healthcare Resource for Discussion with
Inflammatory Bowel Disease Patients

Biologics and Biosimilars Basics



01 May 2019

A healthcare resource for discussion with IBD patients

  • Biologic therapy has transformed the treatment of many diseases, improving patient outcomes.
  • Many biologic therapies have gone, or are going, off-patent, allowing biosimilars to be approved.

CARE™ Faculty experience suggests that educating Canadians on biosimilars is an important step to successful biosimilar use and integration into the healthcare system.

This biologics and biosimilars patient resource was created in collaboration with CARE™ Faculty Members Rob Laister, PhD (Princess Margaret Cancer Centre), Dr. John Marshall (McMaster University, CARE™ Gastroenterology Steering Faculty Chair) and Usha Chauhan, NP (Hamilton Health Sciences, supportive CARE™ Gastroenterology Faculty). Additional review/consultation with representatives from patientCARE™ groups, Mina Mawani, (President and CEO, Crohn’s and Colitis Canada), and Gail Attara (CEO, Gastrointestinal Society).

This CARE™ Biologics and Biosimilars Basics publication is written as of March 2019 and is subject to update and improvement. It is based on a multi-disciplinary CARE™ Primer on Biosimilars (produced Fall 2017 and updated with faculty-specific Primers in 2018). For more information on CARE™ visit CAREeducation.ca. To access the original primer, visit: www.CAREeducation.ca/primer.