Supportive CARE™ Primer

CARE™ Primer on Biosimilars - Dermatology



01 May 2018

Biologic therapy has revolutionized the treatment of many dermatological disorders/diseases, and drastically improved patient outcomes. Many biologic therapies used in dermatology have or are going off patent, and competitive molecules such as biosimilars are being introduced. Biosimilars not only have implications for specialty fields, but also for the general delivery of health care in Canada.

What follows is a primer on biologics and biosimilars, updated to reflect a dermatological perspective. This educational piece details the basic science, management and regulatory pathways, legal perspectives and recent clinical data on biosimilars. This report is also informed by various CARE™ faculties and recent biosimilar news.

This Biosimilars Primer is written as of May 2018 and is subject to update and refinement. It is based upon a multi-disciplinary CARE™ Primer on Biosimilars (produced Fall 2017).

Neil Shear, MD, FRCPC Sunnybrook Hospital

Scott Edwards, B.Sc., Pharm
Dr. H. Bliss Murphy Cancer Centre

Rob Laister, PhD
Princess Margaret Cancer Centre

Jason Thomas, RPh, B.Sc., Pharm
Juravinski Cancer Centre