CARE™ Congress Report on Biosimilars

Highlights from the CARE™ Congress Report on Biosimilars



20 Jan 2017

CARE™ (Community, Academic, Research, Education) believes in: optimization of current therapy, innovation with new treatments, and competition to help deliver savings and accessibility; considered in ways that deliver better healthcare solutions to Canadians.

On January 13th, 2017, a pan-Canadian group of more than 100 stakeholders along the patient pathway gathered in Toronto for a discussion about how biosimilars are being used appropriately in the Canadian landscape. Among these thought leaders were the CEOs of advocacy groups, leading allied health care professionals and organizations, legal representatives, and leading specialists from across Canada.

This report summarizes presentations given by a variety of stakeholders. The Congress was chaired by Dr. John Kuruvilla from Princess Margaret Cancer Centre, and Dr. John Marshall from McMaster University. Dr. Hartmut Grasemann from SickKids Hospital facilitated the meeting.

The message from the event was clear: stakeholders need to address what the patient wants/needs and health care professionals, payers, and government need to work together to ensure high quality of care and patient satisfaction/safety is being delivered, in regards to the use of biosimilars.