CARE™ Guidance

Managing Multiple Myeloma (MM) in Canada


28 May 2019

Members of the CARE™ Hematology Faculty held a Working Group meeting in conjunction with the CARE™ Winter Hematology Update (WHU) 2019 on February 8th, 2019 in Toronto. During this meeting, relevant news and data were considered from a Canadian perspective in the area of multiple myeloma (MM).

This MM Working Group was led by Dr. Peter Anglin (Stronach Regional Cancer Centre, CARE™ Hematology Faculty Lead) with additional participation from key specialists across Canada. Discussion focused on the current MM landscape, specifically the benefit of novel treatment approaches and importance of access to optimal therapies.

CARE™ Hematology Faculty members considered the following through discussion:

  1. The impact of ASH 2018 data on the Canadian MM treatment landscape

  2. The role of MRD and risk stratification in directing treatment decisions

  3. Advancements in immunotherapy

What follows is a distillation of CARE™ Hematology Faculty takeaways from this Working Group meeting in the form of a guidance for MM management.