CARE™ Needs Assessment Results

Access to Innovation in Rheumatoid Arthritis


25 Mar 2020

In Fall of 2019, a CARE™ Needs Assessment on Access to Innovation in Rheumatoid Arthritis (RA) was directed at rheumatologists across Canada.

This Needs Assessment program was developed by CARE™ and Dr. Philip Baer (CARE™ Rheumatology Faculty, Ontario Medical Association). The aim is to gather feedback on the current state of access to innovation in rheumatology, while also identifying potential areas of need or opportunities for education.

Results of this CARE™ Needs Assessment are presented in the following pages, augmented with key takeaways and CARE™ Faculty perspectives

Supplementing this Needs Assessment on RA, CARE™ produced a Conference Report from ACR 2019 with a focus on Access to Innovation in Rheumatology.  The report features key data presented in RA augmented with insights from the CARE™ Faculty.