ASCO 2018

CARE™ Perspectives: ASCO 2018 Genitourinary Section



19 Mar 2018

Select members of the CARE™ Faculty met at the 2018 ASCO (American Society for Clinical Oncology) meeting, held in Chicago, IL from June 1st to 5th with follow-up amongst those that treat genitourinary cancer at CUA (Canadian Urology Association) meeting in Halifax, N.S. from June 23rd to 26th.

This report includes a summary of the key news and updates in GU Cancers. Abstract and Plenary Session content is drawn from the ASCO 2018 meeting, and is augmented with CARE™ Faculty perspectives informed by both ASCO and CUA. Content from both ASCO and CUA is written in the language it was presented in.

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