CARE™ Perspectives

ASCO & EHA 2019


19 Aug 2019

This CARE™ Perspectives report covers both ASCO and EHA 2019. (The 2019 annual ASCO meeting was held on May 31 – June 4, 2019 in Chicago, with EHA following on June 13 – 16, in Amsterdam.

While both meetings cover a number of topics in malignant hematology, this issue of CARE™ Perspectives from ASCO provides updates on key news along with insights in the areas outlined below.

Clinicians and allied health providers are encouraged to review, and as applicable, download content for reprise with acknowledgment to the various CARE™ Faculty.

You can access this report online at In response to a remarkable increase in the volume of online visitors, CARE™ has launched an updated website to better meet user needs, including: an intuitive interface, easier access to publications, and improved responsiveness to different screen sizes.

The content that follows is written in the language in which it was presented and is adapted from abstracts and oral sessions at ASCO and EHA 2019.