CLCCO 2016

CARE™ Perspectives: CLCCO 2016



22 Mar 2016

The annual Canadian Lung Cancer Conference (CLCCO) 2016 was held in Vancouver, BC from February 11-12th. Presentations covered a number of exciting topics in lung cancer, with content relating to medical oncology, radiation oncology, surgical oncology, and supportive care. On Thursday February 11th, prior to the CLCCO conference, members of the CARE™ Faculty also held a Resident and Trainee Education Meeting. This meeting was chaired by Drs. Devin Shellenberg (Radiation Oncology, BCCA) and Randeep Sangha (Medical Oncology, Cross Cancer Institute), and included presentations from a number of Canadian and international KOLs (please visit the CARE™ website for more information and access to presentation content).

This issue of CARE™ Perspectives will have a focus on the medical oncology content from both the conference as well as the Resident and Trainee meeting. A summary of the most relevant and compelling stories will be provided with additional commentary and perspectives from the CLCCO chair, and CARE™ Faculty member, Dr. Barb Melosky (BCCA).