DDW 2016

Highlights from DDW 2016


23 Mar 2016

Highlights from DDW 2016

Members of the CARE™ Gastroenterology Faculty recently attended the DDW 2016 conference held in San Diego, California (May 21-24). At this conference, the annual CARE™ at DDW education meeting was held. This meeting brought together a pan-Canadian Faculty of KOLs to showcase news and developments in gastroenterology. Presentations featured cutting edge content with discussion on relevant cases and treatment strategies. CARE™ at DDW was attended by Canadian gastroenterology professionals. Attendees included academic and community specialists, and residents.

The CARE™ Perspectives Conference Report from DDW 2016 provides a summary of the most compelling stories and news presented at this event, and is augmented with additional perspectives from the CARE™ Gastroenterology Faculty. The content that follows is written in the language in which it was presented.