Spotlight on Multiple Myeloma

CARE™ Perspectives Spotlight on: Multiple Myeloma


19 Feb 2019


Members of the CARE™ Hematology Faculty recently attended the American Society of Hematology (ASH) conference held in San Diego, California, from December 1st to 4th, 2018. With a lot of exciting news that came out of ASH 2018 in Multiple Myeloma (MM), CARE™ Faculty members felt a deeper look at certain storylines that are anticipated to have an impact to how we currently treat in Canada was warranted.

The CARE™ Spotlight on Multiple Myeloma looks at three trials in newly diagnosed and relapsed/refractory MM. Specifically, this piece includes updates to the POLLUX and CASTOR trials that have been extensively covered in CARE™ Education programs since initial results were presented in 2016. A summary of the key trial highlights and additional perspectives have been provided by Dr. Peter Anglin (Stronach Regional Cancer Centre), CARE™ Hematology Faculty.

This report is meant as a supplemental piece to the CARE™ Perspectives ASH 2018 Conference Report distributed earlier this year. For more information or to access additional CARE™ at ASH resources please click here.

This report is written in the language which it was presented. The content and graphics included have been selected from the respective presentations given during the ASH 2018 meeting. Additional perspectives are provided by the CARE™ Hematology Faculty. To view the full abstract content from ASH 2018 please visit: