CARE™ Perspectives Report

EULAR 2020


22 Jun 2020

CARE™ Perspectives Report from EULAR 2020 provides a summary of the most compelling stories and news presented. While CARE™ Rheumatology Faculty consider news and developments across all areas, this particular report focuses on rheumatoid arthritis – an area of particular change.

The report has three sections:

01. Retrospective Review

A look back on developments in rheumatoid arthritis (RA). This retrospective review looks at four areas of significant development: anti-TNF, IL inhibitors, JAK inhibitors, and biosimilars.


02. News and abstracts from EULAR 2020

Abstract content of interest to Canadian Rheumatologists is considered under the following headings: novel agents, biosimilars, Canadian studies, and approaches to patient management.

03. State of CARE in Canada – Access to Innovation

News across rheumatology has been impactful, the key has been government approval and the subsequent funding of novel agents. With improvements come the burden of additional costs. Costs of innovative therapies are increasing and are significant enough to make public and private payers blanch.