COVID-19 Vaccines in Oncology Patients

Dr. Coleman Rotstein, University Health Network


26 Feb 2021

COVID-19 Vaccines in Oncology Patients 

Dr. Coleman Rotstien, University Health Network (Toronto, CA)

Presentation Summary:

The COVID-19 pandemic has produced high mortality rates in patients with hematological malignancy, lung, cancer, and those individuals older than 60 years of age with cancer. Various vaccines offer protection against this infection. Various vaccine platforms have been developed including: mRNA, recombinant protein, virus-like particles, adenovirus vector-based and inactivated virus vaccines. mRNA vaccines have been approved in Canada and produce significant antibody protection commencing 14 days after the first doses of the vaccine as well as innate immunity which starts slightly later. Two doses of these vaccines confer greater than 90% vaccine efficacy with minimal side effects. Anaphylaxis to the polyethylene glycol carrier vehicle is reported infrequently. The vaccine administration in cancer patients is unclear but the vaccine will provide patient protection albeit somewhat attenuated at times.

Covid-19 Vaccines Panel Discussion

Dr. John Kuruvilla, Dr. Peter Anglin, Dr. Coleman Rotstien

Infectious disease expert, Dr. Coleman Rotstein (University Health Network), joins Dr. John Kruvuilla (Princess Margaret Cancer Centre) and Dr. Peter Anglin (Stronach Regional Cancer Centre) to discuss his presentation on COVID-19 vaccines in oncology patients. The panel discusses vaccine rollout and immunization for patients with cancer and patients undergoing cancer treatment. Dr. Rotstein presentation highlights the data on patients outcomes, as well as, the available data looking at vaccines that are in development and the ones approved in Canada. Dr. Rotstein shares his clinical expertise to provide some rationale/guidelines on how to manage heme/onc patients in this setting. Listen to the panel to hear how you can implement these guidelines into your practice.