Gastro Times

Inflammatory Bowel Disease

The Changing Landscape of Inflammatory Bowel Disease



23 Mar 2016

Introduction :

We are in the golden age of Inflammatory Bowel Disease clinical care. Biologics have revolutionized the treatment of chronic inflammatory conditions in the past two decades, leading to significant improvements in efficacy and manageable safety. In order to ultimately improve patient outcomes, research continues to consider how to optimize the use of current biologic agents (i.e. via dose optimization & therapeutic drug monitoring), drive innovation of new agents, and investigate how increased competition will affect practice, due to the introduction of biosimilars.

This issue of Gastro-Times will review these three key topics as they apply to the Canadian landscape. In order to provide real-world insight on IBD management, case studies will also be considered for pediatric patients, new patients (biologic naïve), and stable patients.