Navigating the New Normal:

CARE™ MM Guidance 2021


11 Feb 2021

In July 2020, The CARE™ Hematology Faculty developed and published Considerations for Malignant Hematology Patient Management and Treatment During the COVID-19 Era.

Changes in the delivery of care brought on by the pandemic have happened fast, despite not necessarily being optimal for patient outcomes. These changes, as well as increased complexity with MM treatment decisions with availability of novel agents have prompted the CARE™ Faculty to create the CARE™ MM Treatment Guidance: Navigating the New Normal in 2021.

This is the 1st iteration (V.1) of the CARE™ MM Treatment Guidance. It aims to provide further context and guidance specifically on management of MM as clinicians navigate the new normal in 2021.

This report highlights clinical trial updates from ASH 2020. It is meant to provide additional context and support to the CARE™ Guidance on multiple myeloma distributed in February 2021.

Featuring CARE™ Recommendations on:

  • Dara-RD for transplant ineligible patients
  • Oral and sub-cutaneous drugs reduce time and frequency of potential exposure so should be prioritized (During COVID-19)
  • Novel Regimens to watch for on the horizon