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Rheumatology Update

The Recent Work of the CARE™ Rheumatology Faculty


17 Aug 2021

Updates in Rheumatology

CARE™ has been busy! See below the recent work from the CARE™ Rheumatology Faculty, featuring conference reporting, needs assessment results, and an active needs assessment.

Needs Assessment for Rheumatologists:
Inflammatory Arthritis

This needs assessment aims to:

  • Gain insight into managing patients with Inflammatory Arthritis (RA, AS & PsA) in 2021.
  • Review and publish the results on the CARE website

This Needs Assessment is currently active, please take a moment to fill it out!

CARE™ Needs Assessment Results:
More Innovation Needed in Psoriatic Arthritis

This report will focus on:

  • Select response data from the recent CARE™ Needs assessment on the current state of care and access to innovative medicines in Canada
  • Data is augmented with additional context and insights by the CARE™ Rheumatology Faculty
CARE™ Perspectives Conference Report: EULAR 2021

This report will focus on:

  • Impact of novel agents on approaches to treating inflammatory arthritis.
  • Parting comments consider:
  • Challenges related to medication funding in Canada.
  • Considerations (and limitations) regarding improving current options through better treatment sequencing, combination therapies, head-to-head comparative efficacy trials, and/or earlier identification of key clinical features and biomarkers that are suggestive of treatment failure.
  • CARE™ Faculty request our readers to participate in an inflammatory arthritis needs assessment.
Proceedings/Recap of the 5th Annual CARE™ Congress: Biosimilars Update and Access to Innovation

Congress Objectives:

  • Provide a platform to discuss perspectives/policies on biosimilars and access to (affordable) innovation
  • Biosimilars are a reality in the Canadian landscape, we (still) need to consider their impact and use
  • Understand each others roles/challenges to support (optimal) Health Care in Canada
  • Innovation improves patient outcomes, how do we incorporate/afford innovative therapies and ensure equitable access to health care for all Canadians

CARE™ Congress Rheumatology Perspective: