CARE™ Global Interview Series

The Impact of Data and Clinical Issues on Future CLL Practice

With Dr. Matthew S. Davids


20 Apr 2020

Recent advancements in the CLL treatment landscape have prompted members of the CARE™ Faculty to discuss how these developments could affect the practice of KOLs across the globe. CARE™ Faculty spoke with Dr. Matthew Davids to explore how recent data releases and emerging clinical considerations can impact CLL practice.

This is part of the CARE™ Global Interview series and features content on:

1. Front-line CLL

  • BTK and BCL-2 Inhibitor Combination

  • AVO Regimen

2. Relapsed/Refractory CLL

  • PI3K and BCL-2 Inhibitor Combination

3. Clinical Considerations

  • Finite versus Continuous Treatment

  • BCRi Failure

  • BCL-2 Inhibitor Resistance

  • Richter’s Syndrome

While CARE™ Content is typically framed from a Canadian Perspective, this series provides insights from global leaders. Content is presented in the format in which it was discussed and is a paraphrase of interview dialogue.