CARE™ Global Interview Series

The Impact of Long-Term Data: CLL & MCL


13 May 2020

The introduction of targeted therapy has revolutionized the treatment of many hematological disorders.

Significant improvements in survival seen in clinical trials have resulted in approvals and funding based on Phase 3 data. In 2019, long-term data from these trials were presented.

Members of the CARE™ Faculty spoke with global experts Dr. Susan O’Brien (UC Irvine Health, University of California, USA) and Dr. Simon Rule (Derriford Hospital, University of Plymouth, England) to discuss the impact and application of long-term data in CLL and MCL paradigms. CARE™ Canadian Perspectives on CLL provided by Dr. Peter Anglin (CARE™ Hematology Faculty Lead, Stronach Regional Cancer Centre, Canada).

While CARE™ Education content is typically framed from a Canadian perspective, this series provides insights from global leaders. Content is presented in the format with which it was discussed and is a paraphrase of interview dialogue.