Topline Presentation Points 
Front-line Therapy (0:45-20:05)


  • Early stage Bulky HL: PET adapted therapy with ABVD
    (Alliance 50801 – LaCasce et al, ASCO/ICML 2021)
  • Early stage, bulky or non bulky:
    • BV-AVD x4 + various doses of RT including no RT (Kumar, et al. JCO 2021)
    • Sequential Nivo-AVD ->RT vs combination Nivo-AVD->RT (Bröckelmann, et al. JAMA Oncology 2020)
    • Sequential Pembro->AVD (Allen, et al. Blood 2021)
    • Combination Pembro+AVD (Lynch, et al. ASH 2021)

Key questions for Frontline therapy.
What is the optimal therapy for advanced stage disease?

  • BV-AVD now with survival benefit – awaiting more data
    • ECHELON-1 Press Release (Feb 3, 2022)
      • Significant improvement in OS (p=0.009)
      • Median follow-up: 6 years
      • 41% reduction in risk of death, HR 0.59 [95% CI: 0.396 to 0.879]
  • Should anti-PD-1 therapy be used? If so how?
    • Compelling data for early stage disease
    • Await Phase 3 data (BV-AVD vs Nivo-AVD)
  • What is the optimal therapy for early-stage bulky disease?
    • ABVD x 6 (per RATHL)
    • Emerging data for BV-AVD x4
2nd line Therapy (20:05-24:52)


  • Optimal Management of relapsed/refractory
    • Standard and newer 2nd-line approaches
    • Highly effective PD-1
      • Phase II study of Pembro-GVD as 2nd in cHL (Moskowitz AJ, et al. JCO 2021)
      • Pembro+ICE (Locke, et al. ASH 2021)

Key questions for PD-1 in 2nd line

  • Does PD-1 blockade improve PFS (and OS) in 2nd line?
    • Next NCI Clinical Trials Network Trial in development to address
3rd line and beyond (24:53-28:43)


  • CAR-T and novel combinations
    • CD30/CCR4 CAR-T (Grover, et al. ASH 2021)
  • Anti PD-1 combinations
    • Pembro+Ruxolitinib (Bachanova, et al. ASH 2021)
    • Pembro+Vorinostat (Herrera, et al. ASH 2021)
    • Pembro+Entinostat (Sermer, et al. ASH 2021)